2000 suzuki rm 250 problems, please help!!!!

i recently bought a 2000 rm 250, the guy i bought it from used royal purple for crankcase oil, i went to my local shop and since they didn't have royal purple i went with Lucas synthetic motorcycle oil 20w-50 and after i changed my oil, i noticed my clutch is uncontrollable when in first gear and taking off, it is really grabby and makes a grrrrrrrrrrr noise when it grabs, i know the Suzuki clutches suck, what should i do and what kind of clutch should i put in and i am not trying to spend crazy money on Barnett clutch or anything like that and also what crankcase oil do you guys prefer?????????? also does anyone know if amsoil dominator is a good oil premix for gas???????

Pull apart and inspect your clutch for wear. Also switch to a 10-40 (non energy conserving) oil, or something equivalent. I use 75W Torco transmission oil.

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