rm 125 rear shock is shot

I have a 98 rm 125. I bought it in rough shape and did a full restoration. The only thing is that I didnt do anything with the suspension. I bought a set of forks from someone off this site. Although the rear shock is completely shot. It leaks, all the seals are bad and its like a damn pogo stick. So my question is what do I do? Get a used one? Ship it out to be rebuilt? If so anyone know of a resonably good priced place to rebuild it? I priced it out at race tech and it would be around $500 thats a full rebuild from the seals with new oil everything internal and a new spring for my weight. Is that a lot of money? I dont race so I dont want to spend too much money but I do ride mostly motocross tracks.

I've had luck with Moto-Pro Suspension. Do you need a new spring? That would save about $100.

Race Tech was probably figuring on replacing the oil and dust seals, bearings and seals for both mounting points, the bumper and the bladder because of the age of the bike as well as the spring. The spring alone is about $110 from them. $500 is pretty reasonable. If they are including their Gold Valve, that's another $170, making $500 a steal. Remember, their reputation is on the line every time they work on anything. If they patch your shock up just to get you by, when it fails you could badmouth them. It's just not worth the risk to such a large company.

The problem is, I'm sure you have already spent a good bit of money on what is really at best a $500-$800 bike.

I would suggest ordering a Pivot Works shock kit (this includes the bearings and seals for both ends) and the Race Tech oil and dust seal kit as well as their bumper. Check around and find a shaft holding insert for you vise as well as a seal bullet tool and bearing driving and removal tools. Rocky Mtn. Atv is a good source for inexpensive tools.

Your factory service manual will detail a full rebuild and fluid specs. After the rebuild, your local dealership should charge your bladder with nitrogen for next to nothing.

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