Help With City Council Question Re: Trials Tires vs Trail Wear

Does anyone know of a riding area that madates rear trials tires only? We have some great local single track that some parties are trying to close because of trail wear and sebsequent erosion. I need some positive examples to show the city council.

I have read some threads about people using only trials tires. I think it's a great idea, and may save some some trails here from being closed if that rule would be adopted.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

it would be a good idea, trials tires do put very low impact on the trails because they form over things and grab on top, as knobbies dig into the ground for traction.

It wouldnt be a problem if everyone had 18 inch wheels, but all those 19 inch wheel people are outa luck unless they want to switch over.

I don't buy that trials tires save the trails. Poor riders destroy the trails, but knobbies by themselves don't. I believe that poorly constructed trails destroy trails. I've yet to know of a 'trials' only trail that is in any better shape than a 'knobby' trail. I believe the reason trials tires are of lesser impact is due to the way you ride them. If you spin your tires a lot, that trials tire will chunk quickly. Hard to say if a 'trials tire' only trail will save you trails in the long run. Good luck though. Never say never.

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