Need help - Hard starting '02

New 06 head/ss valves, new jug and piston, rejetted carb with JD kit, Boyesen quickstart, countless hours rechecking cam timing, valves, carb, even compression and cylinder leak down, even replaced ignition module with new Procom Rev Box last week, still same results. Cold starts with high effort and inconsistently, hot starts are almost impossible. Bump starts ok hot or cold, runs great once it's lit. When it does cold start with the kickstarter, it takes a jumping kick like an old cr500, but there doesn't seem to be alot of freeplay in the kickstarter gear. What am I doing wrong?:busted: Any input is appreciated.

Are you saying it takes a lot of effort to kick the kickstarter through it's stroke?

If so, the timing is off by a tooth or the decompressor isn't working properly.

Had the same problem, checked timing 1,000 times, it looked perfect, then I got desperate and changed the timing by one tooth, solved all of my problems. The timing marks on either of my CRFs have never lined up perfectly....

Rotating the kickstarter isn't high effort, but it takes a hellish kick to get it to light. Almost like it's taking a big kick to build enough momentum in the engine's rotation for it to go. Have tried several methods of kickstarting with no improvement. A friend of mine who rides a high comp CR500 is the only one who can usually start it within 10 minutes cold and he's blown out 2 boot soles in the last month (work boots) trying to help me with it.

I would agree with the previous poster. I know you have checked the timing already the marks are not always perfect.

go one tooth in either direction and try it

Did this problem start after doing all of those upgrades at once?

If that's the case, I would start by going back to the stock settings in the carb, then go from there.

JD jetting kit was before all the other repairs and seemed ok other than hot starts which I assumed was the valves. Quickstart went on after the other repairs as a much hoped for improvement. Willing to try knocking the timing back and forth a tooth, but have been careful with the timing setup and always afraid of creating a bigger problem like a bent valve.

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