chain feels like it's skipping

Rode the bike (new '09 crf 150r) 4 times (8 hrs) and from day 1 I occasionally get the feel of the chain skipping. (I ride super moto) Possibly the clutch springs are too weak and the plates are slipping and catching due to the traction of gp slicks on pavement? Or a transmission problem from factory? Does it in different gears and only notice it at WOT, but not always happening. Any knowledge or ideas would be appreciated. I want to address the problem asap so if it is from factory maybe Honda will cover it. But don't want an unnecessary expense to find nothing. Has done it in 5th 1/2 way down a straight and in lower gears coming out of a corner. It may end up being a pricey piece of mind w/ no results. Thanks for any input.

If your teeth are good on both sprockets and the chain is adjusted correctly, then the chain isn't likely slipping. I wanted to say it may be the "dogs" on a gear slipping, but it's a new bike and it has done it in all gears. It could be something in the detent mechanism not holding the "dogs" fully engaged. If you want to look at something without much work and expense, you could pull the right side cover off and look at the shifting mechanism. Does it ever feel like it's not fully engaging when you shift into each gear?

Also you may want to post this in the Honda crf150r forum. You may get a little more relevant exposure.

What is the symptom? Is the engine reving up with no increase in speed? That would be the clutch. If it reved up with a hellacious grinding buzzing noise that you could feel it would be the chain and the sprocket would be thrashed.

The dogs would be either engaged or not. I don't see how they would "skip" unless you were holding pressure on the shifter.

I am going to throw a wild guess out here. I think he is reving it out too far racing supermoto and is hitting the rev limiter giving him the sensation or sound of something slipping or skipping.

Gears are fully engaging, never pops out, not the rev limiter, and it skips 3 or 4 times in a row give or take, no revving up as a worn or non engaged clutch would. Been reading up and had no idea, but I had to get the oil out after the first race day and all I had was GTX car oil, it was only in for two hours, could this have ruined my clutch plates and cause them to skip or chatter under load?

all I had was GTX car oil,

DITCH THE GTX. it's causing your clutch to slip. Get MOTORCYCLE OIL!

Read & be sure the GTX doesn't have friction modifiers. Sometimes oil for cars has that. If it doesn't have any friction modifiers, it's not necessarily the oil causing it. I run standard car/heavy truck oil in my bikes all the time with no problems ~


it did it before the oil and m/c oil is now and will be used. just remembered a guy noticing little play in my clutch lever, I may have burned them up the first day or warped the plates or something. a new clutch kit is going in next week, we'll see. They may have never set the play up right at the dealership.

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