Help, Swingarm swap

Hi, was looking for some info before i strip my bikes down. Ive got two wr400's one is a 99 used off road the other is a 98 supermoto for the road.

My 98 is in great condition with a resprayed frame and in far better condition than my 99, only problem is the swing arm and the fact that ive got 2 sets of supermoto wheels for it that are for 99 onwards.

Im planing on swapping swingarms over and having the 99 arm on my 98so i can use the later wheels etc, looking through the forum this looks like it will work, but my question is once the 99 swingarm is in my 98 do I use the 99 linkages or the 98? as aparently these were changed. thanks for any help.

I thought the 98 and 99 were identicle, but I could be wrong. I've done some rear suspension swapping between WR's and YZ's which have different rear geometry. I'm guessing if your two bikes have different rear geometry then you might have to swap the rear shock as well to retain the stock seat height. But you might be able to just swap the lower mount on the shocks (measure them to see if there is a difference). It screws off the shaft, but if you do this you'll need to hold the shaft with a very good soft (like aluminium) clamp so you won't damage it.

thanks for the reply. I did the swap and everything swapped fine, I ended up using the linkages that matched the swingarm, it seems a bit lower now but as you say this must be due to shock length.

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