Little boy loseing Interest

So heres my situation...I bought a 06 TTR 50 (600 bucks) for my boy in June. He just turned 4 in August. I wanted to buy him a PW 50 but couldnt find one without paying a crazy amount. Plus I thought getting the TTR he would have more bike to grow into.

What I probally did backwards was start him on a dirt bike before he learned how to ride a bicycle ...:busted: He had a bicycle, before i could get his training wheels off the dog got a hold of it, chewed both tires and the seat up..With his bike all chewed up, he just rode one of them Razor scooters.

So I put training wheels :thumbsup: on the TTR. He's got about 50 hours of rideing time over the summer..He loved rideing, he would ride for 4 hours at a time. I bought him another bicycle on his birthday Aug 5th and he can now ride without training wheels.

I just took off the training wheels off this weekend and we went out to ride..He did great, the only time he would fall is when he would stop. He's still alittle short to get his foot on the ground before he tips over.. He isnt scared of falling just bumed that he falls now..( security of not falling that the training wheels gave him..dam training wheeeeeeeeeeeeeellls):banana: . I took him to a football field (less bumps) to help build his confidence but would still fall when stopping. I tried to get him to go ride today, His response " only if we go to the grass, I'm not ready for the dirt yet". I'll probally get in trouble if I keep takeing him to the football feild

Should I

1. Try and sell the bike and get a PW 50

2. Just keep getting him seat time

3. Just wait till he grows a little taller

Any Help Would Be Appreciated ( sorry for the novel)

I kinda went though the same thing I took the training wheels off of his Z50 and he wiped out 101 times and cried for me to put them back on. But I told him if he wanted to ride this was the way it was. after a week or so he wipedout alittle less and alittle less. For the dads it fells like forever but then 2 1/2 yrs later hes clearing 45ft tables. Then you realize hes only 7 and wonder if you pushed him to fast to hard. So I would say take your time let him go to the football feild and ride ride is the key word. He'll be scare'en the $h1t out of you soon enough.

He's 4. Put the training wheels back on until he can reach the ground or he's going so fast that they become a hazard when cornering. At this age riding has to be fun. Falling isn't fun for a 4-year-old.

PS. This is a lesson I'm forcing on myself too. I bought my son a PW50 when he turned 4 at the end of July. He's ridden it a few times, but lately doesn't want to because of the noise. I'm forcing myself to be patient (and buying a YZ250 so he wants to be like dad).

my 6 year old started riding an xr50 when he was 4. He rode it a lot and then crashed through a wooden fence. He didn't get hurt because he had all of the gear on but he quit riding for a pretty long time. I would take my other boy out with me in the woods and come back and show him the pics and finally he said he wanted to try again. Now I have 2 kids who want to start racing dirt bikes.

Who knows what goes on in the heads of our kids? :busted:

Went through the very same thing with my firstborn...

His PW50 sat in the garage so long I was getting pissed and almost sold the thing. Bottom line, be patient, give it some time and he'll come around...

Be SURE the training wheels you have are the ones that mount under the footpegs and stick out like outriggers... I initially had the ones which mount to the rear axle and they caused more harm than good. Always offer to put his bike on the trailer when you go riding but don't push him in any way...

when he starts asking when's the next time he can go riding, thinks are looking up!

Thanks everyone for the replys. I'll just have to be relax. I'll probally put his training wheels back on..

iF HE'S RIDIING IT JUST FINE W/O TRAINING WHEELS, THEN LEAVE THEM OFF. Falling is part of riding, and the more practice he gets, the less he'll fall. You'll be amazed that all of a sudden within a week it'll click & he'll not be falling anymore.:busted:

I also think you should keep the training wheels off & just stick with flat ground for now, after some good old seat time he will be ready for more.

Make the bike shorter, make the kid taller or wait.

Training wheels are a detriment, but you already know that, putting them back on isn't gonna make the problem any better. He's four, riding around in circles on grass is what most four year olds do.

What I would try first before giving up for a while, is buy a seat off ebay, cut it real short and install that, see if it makes him more comfortable.

Good luck.

Doesn't sound like he's losing interest, it sounds like he's telling you what he wants - he wants the field of grass, not dirt, so if the football field is questionable riding ground, find somewhere else - even if you have to drive further. Under no circumstances should you put the training wheels back on - it'll make him feel like he's taking a step backwards.

Instead of riding in circles for hours, do starts and stops with him until he learns how to balance the bike when he comes in to stop - once he's got that down you can let him ride circles again.

Another thing that might work is to add some platforms to his boots through strapping them on once he's dressed and ready to go.

My kid transitioned to a KX85 at age 9 and had 4" between the ground and his feet yet never fell upon coming in for a stop - he's just skooch off to the side during the last 2-3 feet of travel keeping one leg over the bike (seat now under back of knee) - giving him a ton more leg height to stand on the other foot instead of staying straight up down over the center of the bike.

this pic isn't right but you'll know what I mean:


shave the seat or park the bike. go ride by your self and enjoy not doing 5 mph all day or working on bikes or getting food for hungry riders. I have three boys two ride and its hard to get my own time to go. so time is it let him ride in circles and stay close to help.

after all your his personal trainer!:busted:

My son was 5 and I made him learn to ride his bicycle through the wood on mountain bike type trails before I would get him a dirt bike.

He actually loved it too and still likes to do it.

He is 8 now on a 65sx and a very good rider/racer.

Try and find a kid that is just a little bit better for him to go ride with. He will try to do what the other kid is doing and find out that it is fun not scary

Try and find a kid that is just a little bit better for him to go ride with. He will try to do what the other kid is doing and find out that it is fun not scary

That is a Good point....My Grandson would not get on his PW50 till I let my 6 yr old Grandson Ride it....Now you can't get him off of it

also he is 4 but kinda small for his age and I just took a inch and a half off his seat so that he could hold it up flat footed.....Seats are Cheap

Seats are way cheaper than a cast.

Riding with/following a slightly better but similar age kid is a great idea. But I'd still keep him on the flat grass.

For some reason, my daughter prefers to follow her mom than follow me. I don't know why.

My boys ride and I guess like the others have mentioned you just need to be patient. My guys (4 and 6) seem to ride in phases so they will be totally into it and other times they don’t ride for weeks. I just keep the bikes in the garage ready to ride when they get the itch. I guess that’s the best you can do. Kids have so many things to keep their minds active (dirt, rocks, sticks and frogs) that if you have the bikes visible they will return to ride.

Both my boys started out on PW50 with the training wheels. They didn’t know how to ride a bike before a motorcycle and for them it didn’t really matter. They are on their pedal bikes now going off jumps and are better than their non-dirtbike riding friends. My youngest is riding well (took training wheels off 2 weeks ago) and riding up things that took his brother many tries to do the first time. It’s nice to be #2 and be able to watch and learn. The key for both my boys was they could touch the ground when the training wheels came off..

My 6 yr old is doing laps around our flat backyard track almost as fast as I can. Being small the corner speed is incredible. Don’t rush them, you will have enough proud dad moments coming your way.

Rock on!

Good advice on here. I would have to agree and say just be patient and hopefully the cycle will come back around. I am going through something similar. This was my 7 yr olds 3rd yr on a bike. Last year we sold his PW and got him a KTM proJR. Well, it seems like every other time he went out on it this year the darn thing broke down on him and now he is just so frustrated with the thing he doesn't want to ride. (I am frustrated as well). I dont know whether to find a new bike for him, just keep fixing this one (its practically all new by this point), or what. Hopefully next yr will bring different luck.

I think they will all come around eventually, be patient and dont try to force it on him and you'll be good!

He is only 4. we must keep reminding ourselves about that.

1. no pressure

2. fun fun fun

3. when he is ready to ride you will know.

I have a 4 year old who has a jr50, he never wanted to ride my 8tr old would ride his kx65 all day and the likke guy was not interested... one day he got on asked for help and now rides 4hr every weekend. He is the one pushing to go riding. Be patient, your problem is the you couldn't get the bike you realy needed, but you did what you could. Bottom line is when he is ready for that bike you will not get him off it, in fact you will need a second job just to pay for his fuel bill. Hang in there...:busted:

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