07 Husky TE510 Overheating

Help, my 07TE510 boils over in less than 10 minutes of regular 45mph riding.

have engine ice, recent valve adj, Bike runs great until hot. It is AZ but I cant wait for winter. have ordered Y pipe but looking for a TE610 fan Kit.

Any help or ideas wold be appreciated.

Get a higher pressure radiator cap, It will prevent it from boiling longer. The owner of trail tricks told me that. since mine boils over sooner than expected.

Thanks, I will try the cap and the Fyre Jacket. its bad enough when its over 100 outside to start with but the hoses do get hot from the exhaust!

I think there has to be something more going on here..I am no expert by any stretch but it just does not sound right..

I had overheating issues with mine but never at speed, it was always in slow technical sections or long steep climbs when I was using a lot of clutch..

How are you determing that its overheating? If the radiator cap releases which is normal it urps excess intot he coolant recovery tank, correct? (My 05 TE had one). If yours does not have the tank and it urps onto the exhaust like a KTM then your going to THINK it overheated when it is working normal.

How long have you had the bike? How long has this been going on? There is no way that the bike should be boiling over at 45mph. Head gasket? I have never looked at the coolant passages in relation to the combustion chamber.

If your not sure then take it to someone that does. If it keeps overheating its going to damage the engine.

what gear and rpm are you at 45mph? is it just flat street riding?

Only a few months and barely ridden. Just got out of shop for overall checkup, valve adj etc. Bike got very hot and lost fluid ( ice ) from overflow tank. Engine started to crap out etc. let cool and now runs fine but still seems to run hot.

Has IMS Tank, Flatlander rad guards. fluid is circulating through rads well.

Ordered Uptite Y, silicon hoses, fyre wrap...

Dont know where to get a 1.8 radiator cap???

Not happy having the old XRs wait for me...

Just quick dirt road riding through all gears.

no where near race speeds. Sprockets 13F 50R

If you have the original tank, try running with that and see what happens. I hear some of the IMS tanks hang over the engine and can restrict air flow. Hopefully it's something simple. Good luck and keep us posted.

I have heard that as well(IMS tank blocking air) plus buying the fan kit was mentioned, but I don't believe it'll fit with the IMS tank. I know it fits with a Clark, but didn't think it would with the IMS.

have you had a exhaust fitted or anything that might need carby jetted ?? lean = hot engine !

hot start button in correctly ? (not pulled out )...

All looks to be fine, but I will be rejetting also.

I have a '07 TE 510, w/ JD, Y splitter, 4 gal IMS, no rad guards, Engine Ice, std rad cap, run 93 oct gas and do not have issues now. I did when running in tight first gear clutching situations, but the the Y and E Ice, I have not boiled since. Note that my "boil" was first.) the stock cross over tube (rad to rad) burst and 2.) the hose at the overflow tank blew off. Also, I have had the rad cap release a bit of pressure also, but never lost more that 1/2 a cup. Could you have a hose with a hole the only leaks coolant when under pressure (hot)? Let us know how it works out. Also, remember to keep a bit of coolant in the tank to minimize the chance of a steam melt.


Check the water pump

I had the impeller fall off due to a lock nut coming loose.

Same symptoms. Fix it before you blow a head gasket, like I did.

Good luck

Circulation looks very good, Thanks to everyone for the input and sources. I will install all the parts and let you know how it comes out.. Still waiting on the Uptite Y which I think is crucial to my success....

Heres the plan...

Uptite Y...

Silicon Hose kit

Fyre jacket on hoses near exhaust..

Engine Ice or XF+ non boil coolant

Uptite adj air screw and Carb line filters ( This is a Great add-on! )

Fuel injection Line on crossover hose

JD Jetting if needed..

Remove or mill out 50% of the fins on the flatlander Radiator guards

( they are guarding the radiator from the AIR-Flow ) I think this cold be a major heat contributer..

Stick with the IMS tank..

Fan Kit at last resort...

Anything else? :-) Thanks again!

Stick with the IMS tank..

Fan Kit at last resort...

Anything else? :-) Thanks again!

If you've got the 3.9 gallon IMS, the fan kit won't work, unless you make it into a pusher in front of the rad, won't fit as a puller behind the rad. Make sure your jetting is good for your ride altitude. Good luck :busted:

After riding a pretty fast 5th and 6th gear sand road my 09 TE 510 blew the hose that connects the two radiators at the top. She had been running pretty hot ever since new, and during the slower sections of this ride I noticed it slowly filling the overflow tank.

I plan to do desert racing with this bike, so it'll spend a lot more time in top gear in the sand. I am replacing the hose that blew with a heavier hose, as well as the rest of the cooling system hoses. I am worried however that this will just mean that it'll blow at a higher pressure. Could there be a blockage there somewhere? How can I tell if the water pump is working properly without stripping it?

Any help appreciated, Rohan.

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