Paring out my 105..

My 1055sx broke down:foul: . My dad didnt want to repair it because it would cost 1800$. He wants me to find out how much money we could get for the parts such as the seat, suspension, frame, or the whole thing without the engine. The engine is dissaselbled in box. So how much would you think all those parts would cost?

$1800 for a 105cc 2t? Holy sheeitzky batman...I'd get the repair re-quoted..second opinion. Not sure what you'll get for that chassis. Sorry.

Good Luck!

what exactly went wrong with the bike? you can rebuild a 4 stroke for that much

Whole engine seized. Need a new top end, crank shot, and pretty much the whole engine was worn out. It was 1600 not 1800. We bought it used and the guy who used to have it raced everyweekend.

buy the parts and put it together yourself, whole engine rebuilt for $600 instead of $1600.

get yourself a wiseco piston kit, hot rods or CP rod and crank kit, bearings, seals and gaskets.

ya. def. do it yourself... It wont make much sence to part it out.

Redrider16, check your PM's

I parted mine out and trust me it WAS NOT worth it. Should have just fixed it and kept riding or sold it. If you do decided to part out your best bet is to post on

well we were going to buy a new 250 next sumer anyway and any money we can get out of the bike counts How much do you guys think its worth just the bike no engine? n much right.

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