klr 650 rear suspension adjustment????

hi my klr is to high for me and i wonder how easy it is to lower it down. I see there is a litle half inche bolt on the side of the shock. If i turn it would it go down and will i loose gaz in the shock if i want to put it back up??:busted:

Well i have a 93 klx 650 and the way i would adjust it is there is a spring underneath the seat with the shock inside it, u simply turn the washer/nut that holds into place. i don't know if its the same with yours but if u tighten it it will make the bike shorter but a much stiffer ride.

If you have the preload on the shock set to 3-5 it will have two affects on your bike. One will be the height and sag ( or lack of it) when you sit on it. The higher the number, the less sag and also it will affect your handling at higher speeds because it changes the rake of your front end.

I could not figure out why my 06 KLR650 started handling so poorly on the freeway until I was told the above info.

Also, if you really want it lowered, there is a lowering kit for the bike. I know a female who just put one on her 08. If you put the lowering link on, you have to adjust the triple tree ( front forks) a little to keep the correct rake on the front.

If you need more information go to the KLR650.net forum and there is good details on lowering the bike.

Good luck.

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