what size allen for bottom oil screen on 505

Does anyone know what size allen wrench I need to remove bottom oil screen on 505? You would think if KTM would put uncommon bolts you should get this in your tool bag. Thanks

It's either a 10mm or 12mm. I don't remember. I think it's the 10mm. If you need one ASAP, they have them at Autozone in a set for a few bucks.

I forget what size I needed, because I couldn't find one so I made my own out of a 5/8 cold chisel, and hand filed it till it fit then slid a 13mm box over it.


Make sure you're engines hot when you go to crack it. You can buy a replacement with a standard bolt head. But yeah, I was p.o.ed, because I bought my bike on a saturday morning long weekend, and specifically told the KTM expert I was going to ride for an hour and replace the filter and clean the screen, and was there anything I needed, or needed to know? He shrugged No, and I haven't bought anything from his parts counter since.

It's either a 10mm or 12mm. I don't remember. I think it's the 10mm.

I thought I figured out I needed a 14mm, because I was looking at 12mm and it was gonna be to small, I don't know though.

edit: no maybe it was a 12mm i needed, measure it.

12mm is the correct size

12mm is the correct size

Perfect thanks guys:thumbsup:

i was in a jam one day and nobody carried a 12 mm allen wrench at any of the auto stores, or tractor supply(everbody had up to 10 mm of course). so luckily i had a bolt with a 12 mm head with a nut on it .the bolt head fit perfectly in the oil screen plug, so i stuck the nut head side into a 12 mm socket and welded it together to make one piece. it works great.

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