What does the future bring?


So.. im sitting here and thinking about the future in MX. Who will be the best about 5 years? Will there ever be any dominant riders like Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart or so?

Im wondering, but this is my theory. Ryan villopoto is hungry, and hes the Carmichael type. Hes always gonna find a way to work it out and take it, just give him time and he will kill it.

And for James Stewart, hes time is soon over, i think. Im guessing about 4-5 years and hes retired. Then villopoto will take over.

As for chad reed, you can feel it, hes just riding in hes comfort zone all the time not to get hurt. I dont think there is a supercross title for him anymore, we got people like villopoto and bubba who will fight it out.

I think villopoto will start to give bubba a run for hes money in 2010, you can feel it. Hes working superhard all the time, hes never unmotivated, hes always there to get it done.

I also think bubba is gonna take titles in the future until he retires. Hes potentsial is start to showing off.

Sorry my bad english, its late and i just had to get it out of my head! :busted:

share your thoughts thumpers.. wanna hear your opinions

Like you said, stewart will kill it for the next 4-5 years until he retires...but RV will be the main one challenging him. I dont see Reed winning anymore. The future in my eyes has Stewart retiring number 1 with RV and Barcia (maybe a couple others) battling it out until another RC or Bubba comes along and dominates:thumbsup:

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