Big project ahead of me with my 1st pickup!! PICS page 2

So I hopefully should be picking up my 1st pickup sometime in the next 2 weeks!:busted: 1971 Ford F-250 with 47,000 original miles and one owner! Gonna pay $3500 but its comes with a huge camper and camper shell, so after I sell those I'll essentially be paying $2500. It runs great, just a little surface rust in the bed and the paint is faded. Overall a great find considering its all original. Some stuff I plan to do is repaint, some form of bedliner or mat, some interior work, stereo with CD player, a LOT of cleaning, possibly bucket seats so when I go to hare scrambles I can put a cooler between them. I have a lot of big plans!:thumbsup: By the way I'm only 16 and I can't wait for this, I pay for all my own stuff and bikes, so I'm really excited to finally be getting my own truck so I won't need to my dads cars and van to go riding anymore! Also I've always loved the look and simplicity of old trucks so this is great! I'll get pics once I get it as long as it doesn't get sold which shouldn't happen.

Try to get the price down. Seems very steep for what it is

good project truck for sure though:thumbsup:

Sounds like a fun project!!!:busted: Be sure to post pics of ur progress

I own a 68 F100 w/390/3spd on the column manual steering, drum brakes all around, and a 69 with w/302/c4/power steering/disc brakes. The 69 came with a 240 in it originally.

What engine and tranny does this truck have?

I paid a LOT LESS that 2000 for both of my trucks. I'll let you in on a secret. I got my 68 for $200.

Be aware those speedometers roll over to 0 after 100,000mi. I'd never take anybody's word for it on a 38 year old truck :busted:

See ya there dude.


Pics once I get it but as for prices it has no rust and I now for a fact the miles are actual because he is the original owner who has all reciepts and records and even bought it from a local dealer new in '71 so thats one of hte reasons for his price. It has a 4 on the floor with a 360 though.

I had the np435(Probably the same as your 4spd) matched to a dana 205 with a 300 I6 before. Good tranny. I like the granny 1st gear. With the 6.69:1 ratio 1st.

The NP435 was used in trucks (Ford & Others) from 1964-1987 and was produced with 2 different ratios ! The first was a close ratio which had a 4.78 1st, 2.39 2nd, 1.37 3rd, 1.00 4th. The other (more commonly used) has a wide ratio 6.69 1st,3.34 2nd,1.79 3rd,1.00 4th

np435 shift pattern NP435-shifter.gif

If it's not that tranny then it's a Borg-Warner T-18. Another very good transmission. t18-shifter.jpg

Is this pickup a 4x4 or 2wd?

this guy has a very nice setup, but it cost him about $1900 not worth it IMO, but i thought it was very cool. turning a 4spd into an 8 speed.

I once helped my buddy pick up an OLD late 60's U-haul with a 352 industrial engine in it with sodium/murcury filled valves in it. same block as the 360 and 390.

If you ever rebuild the engine get the 390 rods and crank and you'll have youself a 390.

I picked up a FE S stamped intake at the junkyard for $25. best $25 i ever spent. They're 4barrel intakes that are worth about $120-150. The high riser S code intake was used in police interceptor engines.

pnwdr350 Thank you so much for all the help and info you've been showing me!:busted: If I remember correctly it has the Borg-Warner T-18 but I'll have to double check when we pick it up which should be sunday afternoon!

that's a lot of dough for a 40 year old machine. It would be different if it were a 55, or even a 65, but a 71 just isn't as desirable and doesn't warrant the price.

Heed the warnings others have mentioned on the ODO, unfortunately, it's too old to even guess that just maybe the title is branded "exceeds mechanical limits".

When you do get it, ask the owner if he's done anything that he remembers to wiring, these often get hacked up bad.

Check the steering linkage, again, people do some weird stuff here and considering the age, the steering is probably really loose.

Check the brakes, check the brakes, check the brakes, see what's involved in upgrading them, it's a worthwhile investment.

Next, replace all the rubber, hoses, belts, vacuum lines, etc. Even if it looks recent, assume it's not, cheap insurance. On the vacuum lines, replace one at a time, there won't be many, but getting them mixed up is no fun.

Since you're in CO, look at the choke - in fact, consider modernizing the carb a decade or two, but make sure the choke engages the way it's supposed to. Consider rebuilding the carb if you don't put a more modern one on.

Good luck otherwise, it sounds like it has head turner potential.

this guy has a very nice setup, but it cost him about $1900 not worth it IMO, but i thought it was very cool. turning a 4spd into an 8 speed.

Yup, I agree-more than it's worth.

I'd have just gone for an NV4500 for about the same price, and not had to worry about as much to go wrong.

71 Ford probably has front discs and a dual master cylinder, so I'd think the brakes would be OK. The non-overdrive tranny is fine, my truck has similar with a 3.73 axle ratio and it's ok on the highway. Sounds like a kickass truck.

Why does every 16 yr old brag on how he pays for all his own stuff?

Have fun with the truck.

Why does every 16 yr old brag on how he pays for all his own stuff?

Have fun with the truck.

Because it's getting rarer than hen's teeth? :busted:

Yeah honestly, its definitely a good thing.

Why does every 16 yr old brag on how he pays for all his own stuff?

Have fun with the truck.

Because if we dont some jackass will come and start crap based on our age:thumbsup:

Here's the pics!






Just got the huge camper off about an hour ago now I need to sell it. It takes up a lot of room!

OH! I also just learned how to drive it today, Love the torque!

nice truck! I had a 68 F100 with a 390 from a T-bird, had forged pistons, balanced and blueprinted rotating assembly, edelbrock RPM intake and edelbrock 4bbl carb, long tubes, etc....all that power was reliably transferred through the original 3 on the tree, that thing was indestructable!

Why sell the camper? I'd live in it! JK.

That truck looks great for being all original.

It is great, there is one rust hole about the size of a dime behind the drivers side door but thats it! And I've slowly been working on polishing up the paint and its been looking like new so I'll get some pics when I finish that and as I slowly add other goodies!:busted:

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