[Supermoto USA NW] Sept 12/13 Season Finale. Pacific GP

[supermoto USA NW] Sept 12/13 Season Finale. Pacific GP

Supermoto USA NW 2009 Series is hitting the home stretch. Our last event at Pacific GP for the 2009 season is setup for Sept 12th and 13th.

As many of you know, the economic crisis has hit pretty much everyone very hard, including our tracks, our sponsors and our promoters. We are asking you to help keep our sport going. We need a show of force to keep all these businesses that help us race to stay viable, so we can continue to race next season.

Here is the schedule for the event:

Saturday: 9/12

9-5pm: Open Practice on south course with dirt section.

Sunday: 9/13

7-9am: Registration

8:45: Riders Meeting

9-10:30 Practice rounds (5 groups, 2 rotations each)

11am: Heat Races

1:30pm Mains

We will be running the entire class list, include Open Quad and Quad Pro.

Pricing: 1. SMUSA Membership recommended, but not required unless season points wanted.

2. Big bike/quad: 1st class: $60, 2nd Class: $30, 3rd class +: $10 3.

Minis/Pee Wee: 1st class: $30, 2nd Class: $30, 3rd class +: $10

4. Pro classes (Bike/Quad) $40 (separate from other entries)

5. Pit pass $10

Any last minute updates will be posted at http://www.supermotousa.net

Looks interesting :busted:

You going to race Debi? Hey you're familiar with the track! :busted:

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