Stock Exhaust mod on a DR650

Well it all started when I decided it would be a good time to polish the stock header on my 08 DR650, (Blew my clutch and waiting for the new one) as I pulled off the big old stock muffler and again cursing at it Massive size and WEIGHT it got me thinking about what I could do about this without spending $400 or so.... So out came the grinder and TIG and the rest is history, But not without ALOT of work. But all in all I think it will be worth it. I haven't been able to run it yet, I have the out. But it should be good, I just hope its not too horrible loud. I removed everything I could out of it and man is there alot of "stuff" in there, I probably dropped its weight by half and I know I increased the flow.

Here's a few pics for Ya all...

Stock exhaust as you all know.


And the "after" shot.


Now for all the leftovers...


The finished product.


Hope you liked it.


Very nice work! I wish I had the tools and know how to do custom fab work like that. Personally though, I think you should have left it just a little longer. Maybe cut it just past the rear mount. It just looks kinda funny with it so short.

the biggest reason for the shortness was Weight loss. But Personally I like the look, it looks cleaner to me.

Let us know what it sounds like. I'm amazed you could mate those two halfs back together. Looks good

I did not realize it had packing in it. Does that mean the stock unit will get louder over time as it burns out?

I don't think it will get any louder over time, that packing is crammed between two layers of stainless that make up the outer shell, the rest is all steel baffles and restriction.

I don't think it will get any louder over time, that packing is crammed between two layers of stainless that make up the outer shell, the rest is all steel baffles and restriction.

I bet that stainless pipe would get hotter than a fire cracker without that insulation in there. Watch out for droopy side panels! :busted:

i think it looks great u might have to re jet

That piece in front of the muffler.. the darker shaded bit

is that a spark arrestor.

the big bulky bit thats under the plastic cover.

I have a 155 jet in it now and am getting a 160 when I get my clutch on Friday, Man I cant wait to hear it....

And for the big ugly part under the plastic, Its almost like a catalytic converter, not too sure exactly, but now its just an empty ugly thing... Man that was a chore thought to empty that out, I had to split it in half, cut out the guts and then weld it back together. But It should be worth it. I did increase the size of the spark arrestor though.


Ok. do you think i could cut that big ugly bit out.

and run a stainless pipe from the header straight into the rear can.

got a tig... and a grinder.. and a beer...

For sure you can that would be by far the best and easiest, I just didn't have a piece of pipe and I really wanted to finish it. You could even keep the short bit that comes out of the ugly bit, just because it fits so nice into the header, but up to you. If you want I can send a bunch more pics to you to show what I did, might help to know what's in the rest so you can decide exactly what you want to do.


Hopefully you kept the spark arrestor. Where we live you can go to jail for removing the spark arrestor on a dual sport plus be liable for the cost of fighting any fires you may start. Kind of irresponsible to make a mod like that on an offroad bike.


Oh yes I made sure to have a spark arrestor, granted I did make it a bit bigger on the diameter though. I don't want to be the one to start a forest fire.


As you see by my name... i live in new zealand.

dont think spark arrestors and cadilac convertors are compsury here.

lots of cars with them on and we rip them off.

my DR was built for the american market

so it gas the big ugly bit.

will check it out before i rip it out........

I got my clutch today and it is now soaking in oil before I install it, so I will install it and fire it up tomorrow and let you all know how it sounds, and flows.


Well I got my clutch installed, fired it up, went for a ride and all I can say is WOW!!! what a difference, sounds GREAT, goes great, what a sucess.... I'll post a video on youtube for you all that want to hear it, when I do i'll post a link on here.


:busted: I can't wait to hear it!!! :thumbsup:

I hope this works... never posted a vid before. Went for a better ride this evening and you really notice the sound and power increase in the lower revs, where the DR really likes to be anyway. The decel popping is greatly increased and much louder, so here is where the fcr-mx comes into play.. next thing on my list...

sounds pretty good.

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