Suzy newbie

Picking up a 2009 DRZ400S tomorrow.

It has Honda CRF250 forks on it and CRF 250 rear wheel.

I am not sure, but the owner who built it said he did it because of the superior suspension and braking that the CRF had. The bike looks really nice and the price is right at $4K so why not. The motor is stock so i am not sure what to expect. Will it have more power than my CRF250X?

will it handle like it too?

I know it is a bit heavier but i am going to use it for Dual Sport rides.

I will have to lower it though just like i did my CRF, (vertically challenged here)

so i don't fall over on the trail.

What do you all think about the fork/wheel swap?

Um, a couple things dont add up here... The CRF rear wheel doesn't fit, and the brake rotors don't really do anything for braking power... Also, the front wheel from a "S" wouldn't fit the CRF forks, so I'm guessing if he put inverted forks on it, its from an RM... Post pics...




the wheels are Honda as well as the forks, so I am told. there was some machinework needed for the brake caliper in the rear.

I haven't seen it yet in person, but i am going to look and hopefully buy tomorrow night. What do you think for $4K?

Is it "numbers matching", or built from the parts bin? I'd run the serial number and motor number with the local cops to see if it's legit......but then I'm a pessimist.


you can accomplish the same thing with a bolt on rm fork conversion.

rear wheel from a crf? a 1.85x19 rim? wasnt wise decision imho.

doing what he did didnt do anything about the the fact the bike weighs 300lbs.

no it will never be like a 250x.

the zip ties holding the head light on are nice touch.

yeah i saw the zip ties too!!

I don't get it either, if the guy spent time and effort to machine stuff to fit, why the zip ties????

So i'll take the 100 mile trip and have a look,

who knows. ill post the rest of the pics he sent me.

I need everyones honest opinions.

$4k is a real good price I think.






how did he enlarge the slots in the swing arm for the larger rear axle?

he says that he has a race shop that he works with and they do all his machine work. they also has to mig weld the swingarm for the caliper slider????

I guess the different caliper needed the slot to be different???

what is wrong with the 19" rear wheel?? arent they suppose to be lighter??

Dude, its not worth the 200 mile trip if its an 02!!! Just call him, thank him for lyeing to you and saving you gas and be on your way...

it's an '09 not an '02,

it has 1k miles on it.

how do you see '02???

it's an '09 not an '02,

it has 1k miles on it.

Eddie noticed the serial number in the pic that designates it to be a 2002 :busted: and i concur :thumbsup:

Son of a Biatch!!!!!

Are you sure??????


My 2009 has a black frame. Might want to rethink this one. It is a good looking bike,but arn't all DRZs?

F'in SOB!!!!!


Have you heard that lately???

I got scammed on a vacation this summer for a 2 week stay in Virginia,,,, Now this SOB!!!!!!!

here is the add:

2009 Suzuki DR-Z

Title: 2009 SUZUKI DR-Z400S

Mileage: 1,800 miles

Location: newark, DE

Vehicle Information

VIN: JS1SK43A892100065

Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty

Type of title: Clear

Condition: Used

For sale by: Private seller


Engine size (cc): 400 Type: Dual-purpose Exterior color: Black

no,sorry my mistake. its got a 9 for the 10th character. its a 09.

the first vin picture was hard to see.

still a really fishy deal to me. i would still be very leary.

OK, i'm better now,,,,,

I just beat the wife and kids, and kicked the dog!!!

Just kidding of course!!

Really though, thank you all for helping me out, i know nothing about the DRZ but want one for long DS events. I guess i;ll just stick with my plated 250X and do the DS mods the right way. I am not sure the trans will hold up though, i have read that they dont like long 'ish road trips.

Thanks again.

:busted::thumbsup::banana: :banana:

you guys are killin' me,,,,

i like the bike and the guy seems to know his stuff....

what should i check????

motor numbers???

why is the frame grey???

was it a wreck and straightened???


SM's had black frames. S have grey frames.

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