RMZ ECM REFLASH and should I do it???

So success may be a few days off…. I have been able to find a local shop who has the SUZUKI… yes SUZUKI re-reflashing program for the fuel injected 08-09 bikes.

Now maybe I am really azz slow but I thought Suzuki did not have a program for this??? :busted:

So when everyone (me mainly) has been asking about reflashing the ECM I always thought it was the YOSH tuner. The PIM is just like a PCV and yes Eddie was right it is a form of a BAZ unit according to Yoshimura.

Sooooo bored at work today I called Yosh and I spent a nice bit of time on the phone with the R&D department. I informed them I bought a RS-2 full system and I wanted to jet it correctly. We talked about the PIM unit they sell and the maps for it they would provide, the Power Commander V and then the Suzuki software came up.

I asked about the software and they said it is pretty basic and they HAVE a map for the 08-09 RMZ 450 with the RS-2 full system that is really good for the reflash. Surprising to me though they said to get 110% you will need a PIM or PCV. They said both are very close but that their PIM unit is the best one out for tuning because of all of its options.

So I mentioned I do have a tuner in Denver that has the Suzuki software and what is the chances of getting that map….?

"Sure just have them call us and we will give you all information to program it in...." :thumbsup:

I have to admit I was really shocked at how nice they were.

SOOOO do you go that route and work with a reflash. I know I am not going to change anything else on the bike, and if I did it would have to be in the motor which I would have to map again anyway....or would you buy a PIM with Yosh’s map installed on it, or get a PCV from Eddie?

Now based on how it all went down today I think the remap may only cost me …. $0.00

*well maybe something but sure did not sound like it talking to the shop today if I could provided the map for them.

Let me know your thoughts.........

Honestly, I do not know. To my knowledge Suzuki has no reflash program or tool. If you get a chance, get into the program and do a couple of screen prints and let's see what they've got.

I've already got a PCV from Eddie and it works great so I have no reason to change. But It would be interesting to see the tool that Suzuki refuses to sell. And how does it connect to the computer?

Although without seeing it, I still think that the PCV from Eddie is still the head and shoulders way to go.

I have been able to find a local shop who has the SUZUKI… yes SUZUKI re-reflashing program for the fuel injected 08-09 bikes.

no you didnt.

suzuki does not make a reflash tool.

you found some one with the yosh reflash tool.

the PIM does the exact same things a PC5 does.neither controls ignition timing.other than that they do eveything else better.

no you didnt..

Eddie I find this strange that you say there is no tool as I have now had 3 people tell they have them in the last week. A shop in PA, a shop locally (fort collins) and now Yoshimura today.

The bigger question is why would the Yoshimura R&D Department spend 45 mins on the phone with me talking about 3 program options and which one is better?

The R&D department said that the Suzuki one is "archaic" in how it works and options compared to the PC-V and PIM. They refered to the PIM/PC as the "piggy back" models and are better in tuning and adjusting for future changes to the bike. To summerize the discussion Yoshimura did say it was a good enough software to get excellent results just takes a lot longer to do and setup correctly.

Norcal_Hoss and JG both have reprogramed ECM's and I think Nor_Cal got his from the off road Suzuki team if I recall what he and I talked about.

So your saying that Yoshimura has a seperate reflash tool along with the PIM? I need to call them back in the next day or so for the information, I will find out more then and post what I am told.

Yes my bike was reflashed by yosh other or first fi tuning tool called the yoshimura Mx tuner. Mine, ktmkramer,Norcal hoss and every1 elses bike that was reflashed was done with this tool and the shop you have there in ps is gonna do it with the yosh Mx tuner. Unless they have someone no one else does?

I know a shop over in pa doing reflashes but I forgot it's name... My cam guy was gonna send my box over there but that's before I was given other options. What's the name of the shop?

When you call yosh ask for Shaun in RnD he'll set you up with all the correct knowledge/ options.. Good luck

The world MX gp factory suzuki team is sponsored by Teka which makes a suzuki fuel injection adjuster maybe there talking about that? I dunno just a thought


Funny story... I thought the same thing and come to find out it's a major Furniture company in Europe.... And not the same company that makes the fi tuning tool and side note the teka tool is very weak compared to pcv and the yosh pim...

So your saying that Yoshimura has a seperate reflash tool along with the PIM?

yes,thats what im saying.

I had mine reflashed by EVO industries. I got the idea from someone in this post. Sent it on a Monday & got it back on a Thursday. They use the Yosh tuner. All I can say is it is awsome! Power everywhere...less shifting makes me happy! Best $90 i ever spent on a bike. Liked my bike,,,now i love it. I have a full Yosh stainless system.

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