Can you do it?

Drive your xr650 l into a ford ecnoline van or similar full sized cargo van?

Will it fit,

just a bit,

Or screw it?

You'll have to move your mirrors, but it should fit.

Lotsa motocrossers do it.

Full size vans are the shiznit.

I have a friend that does it with his DRZ.

I've seen dirt bikes fit into smaller vans by compressing the forks and keeping them compressed with a strap.

I used to put my sons KX60 in the back of my 89 Bronco II.

I used to put my sons KX60 in the back of my 89 Bronco II.

MXJunky has put a ham sandwich in his lunch box.

I have a Ford E350 passenger van with a single bench seat and a home made wall directly behind it.

I have two pop chocks mounted on a piece of plywood that's bolted to the floor of the van using existing holes/bolts for the next row of bench seats.

The pop chocks are staggered with the right side pop chock being further forward than the left.

The right side pop chock will take a XR650R at full length without having to kick the rear wheel over to get the rear doors closed.

The right side pop chock will take a XR650L but you have to kick the rear tire over to the left a little bit if it still has the stock rear brake/license plate. If the bike doesn't have the stock stuff, it fits full length.

I've hauled every combination of big bikes, little bikes, big and little bikes side by side with the van. Keep in mind, I'm giving up about three inches to the wall I've built.

Once you go with a van you never go back.

Van would be nice verses a pickup as it is enclosed and secure. You could even sleep with your bike! better than a trailer, no backing it up etc. BUT! and IF you got the dough, a toyhauler is the way to go! No I don't have one, but sure do want one!

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