Bike shuts off when handle bars turned

Just like the title says...I had a low speed fall and ever since then anytime I turn my handle bars all the way to the right the bike shuts off ?????

Any ideas? A cable stretched or something? :busted:

I would check all of the plugs on the kill switch wire. It sounds like there is a loose connection somewhere.

It is definately an electrical problem. Either a loose connection, on something is getting pinched and grounding out on the frame or other metal in the area.

Just CAREFULY inspect all your wires around the bars for torn insulation on the wires. And while you're at it, CAREFULY un-plug all the little connections (if there are any) up there and inspect for play in the connectors.

The only other thing I can come up with is a wire being stretched somewhere past the handlebars. Maybe under your seat or your spark plug boot is loose??

What type of bike and where is the ignition box located?

Start it up and let it idle on a stand, then pull the bars the direction that causes the problem. Obviously you want to be off the bike so that you can see into the possible problem areas.

I'm sure you will find your problem pretty easily:thumbsup:

If all else fails, do that same test in a dark garage. You may see a small blue electric arc if you're lucky- Thats probly overboard but who knows!?!!:busted:

its an 01 YZ426 and I believe the ignition box is mounted to the frame and if the handle bars are turned all the way right they actually touch the box...

Check the decomp cable, too....I had an XR650 that died everytime I turned the bars after I installed wider bars...the decomp cable was stretching too tight and caused it to activate the decomp, killing the motor.

Will check in the AM and report back Thanks!!!

the decompression cable is the culprit

+1 on the decomp cable (if it has one) guys were right. the decomp cable was pinched between the frame and rad and everytime I turned the bars it would open up.


Nice! Glad you fixed it!!! Now go ride!!

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