FINALLY!!! A solid bike!

Well, a couple of you know I traded my pit bike for a 91 KTM 125. Well, the thing sucked lol. It would've been a fortune to fix. SO I got my pit bike back, then some dude that always buys parts for his '91 KTM 300 at that shop heard about my dilemna and offered to trade me his comletely rebuilt from the ground up 300 for my pit bike because his son wants it. The only thing it needs is a 90 dollar bearing for the piston/crank. This bike is awesome. The dude has 1400 dollars into it, not including engine work or the FMF fatty pipe and powercore slip-on. It even has a governor for the throttle so I can learn to get used to such a huge bike before I kill myself (lol). I'm extremely happy about such a great find, but in his words, this bike will scare the shit out of me, and kick the shit out of any new 450 by third gear. Any tips for not leaving part of my face on the ground the first time I ride it? lol. This is both my first full bike, and my first 2t.

Well, just ride it a gear or two high the first few times you ride. You'll get use to the power. It's not a wheelie over type power, it's a "I'm going forward" type power. As long as you are ready for the hit, you'll be just fine.

yeah that's what he said. I'm definitely confident about riding it. I'm more scared of my friend's cr80 because it's so light and we're so big that it wheelies like crazy lol

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