how are yz426f's??????

Well, if you need one more thumbs up on the 426 as a whole, Ill give you one too. I can start mine on 1, rarely 2 kicks. No mods other that safety wire on the accelerator pump linkage, which took care of the snap-throttle-yamabog issue.

HOWEVER - find out what 'Rebuilt' means. My '00 had tremendous hours on it when I finally took the jug off to replace the piston. Mind you, I care for my bike well, and keep the oil clean and the air filter clean as well, but when I pulled the jug off it still had cross hatch on the bore. It did need the valves adjusted which I did, but I only put the piston in it because I paid for it already. It certainly did not need it. SO for an 02 to be 'rebuilt' I would be careful of it, not knowing who did the work, and simply from the fact that I personally ride the h3ll out of my bike, and it sure didn't need a top end, let alone a 'rebuild'...

As for being a 'tank' - the 426 is 250 pounds, which is not too much more that early 450s (239 lbs, I think), but it carries the weight up high, so it feels heavier. Unless you are in tip top shape yourself, I doubt you will feel the weight all that much.

jan'00 426 here..still have it, still love it.

i've raced it, trailed it, dropped it from very painful heights, smashed it into the wall of an arizona desert washout from wide open(hence the new pegs, bars and levers), did a frame up clean/inspect/lube including fork internals, swapped out a couple tires, got a second air filter, did the accel.pump mod as described on this site, replaced a faulty internal shift lever and that's about it.

the valves have never needed adjusting, never rejetted, still using the stock bodywork, still pulls like nobody's business.

brings me to a question...

where do people get the idea that 2strokes cost less to maintain?

They think because the piston kit costs less for a 250 smoker its cheaper.

They don't realize that we don't need a piston every season. Or every other.. or every two, or ..... do i need to go on :bonk:

It's a great bike. Got one in 2002 and the suspension for me was the best I have ever been on.

A knee surgery convinced me to sell the bike at the time because starting it was just a killer and no cam mod was on the horizon. I know now they have the mod.

Thinking back, the bike had a great hit on it and was easy to handle/...never really worried about the weight as previous bike was THAT is a heavy bike.

Oh, did some mods at the time which were the powernow and the clutch pull mod where you drill that additional hole in the clutch lever (not the perch mod) and the clutch could be pulled with one finger. Just one opinion but the powernow mod took away a slight bog it had if you rolled the throttle too quickly when riding along.

I just started back into biking again recently and now ride YZ450F and it reminds me a lot of the 426 now only thus far the 426 still has the edge on suspension until I get this 450 dialed in for my carcass.

Enjoy that bike. Oh, you should eat up a Banshee...I had one back in the 80's and it was fast after mods, but it is heavy and a 350 so do the math.

I noticed they STILL pump out Banshees with those useless front headlights after all these years. Try finding your way on tight windy night trails.

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