Street plate question KLX300R

My KLX300 is currently street plated in AZ can I just register it in CA as a street legal dual sport or are they gonna red sticker me? Any info is appreciated.

I've heard both ways on the plate. Ask on the California Forum.

Worst case, the KLX300 is Green Sticker.

I tried to ride Cleghorn last weekend and the Ranger stopped me and said I could not ride due to my VIN# it makes my bike a red sticker? Apparently if the 8th digit in the VIN is a C or 3 it is red stickered. :busted:

Even though it has an AZ street plate.

thats annoying that the ranger stopped you. is he stopping everyone, how tacky. :busted:

my 8th digit is a 1. 1997 bike.

Strange. I thought ALL KLX's from the 110 to the 450 were green.

Strange. I thought ALL KLX's from the 110 to the 450 were green.

Yeah, that IS weird. All KLX300s are and always have been green sticker legal in Commiefornia.

Plus, he's full of crap in that if you have a currently street registered bike in another state, Commiefornia MUST honor that registration and treat it as currently street registered for Commiefornia. AND, if it is currently street registered, then it MUST be treated as a green sticker. That IS the law.

Unfortunately, I've run across too many rangers who have no clue about the law and just tow the enviro-nazi party line.:busted::thumbsup::banana:

Good point. If it still had the AZ plate you could ride.

I got AZ plate, AZ drivers license and AZ insurance


hey im from nz can one of you yanks explain the whole green red sticker thing?

Bikes that don't meet certain emission requirements are issued a red sticker when registered and are limited to private land or some fedral areas except during the winter months.

Green sticker bikes are not limited.

cheers klxd sounds like weve got it really lucky over here.

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