Look what Yamaha has done

Gonna take a while to get used to that look

It's still a Yamaha...

Seems like a good idea.Time will tell if it is.

finally got rid of the 5 valve gimmick.

Looks sort of like alot of Cannondale technology.Look how good that worked.

yup, went back to the 4 valve from the new R1. The engine is not radically new by any means. Cannondale/ATK and Husaberg have all used the same engine designs.

But they finally folded and made their own Honda copy frame! Now KTM is the only one holding out.

Should be a good shootout in the 450 class this year. KTM has new "japanese" inspired ergos with a 5sp, refined Honda Kawi Suzuki and the new Yamaha.

But one thing I have learned is to not buy a first year bike. Look at the 06 YZF bikes, the 08 RMZ450, the 09 CRF450. Always hold out for the second year when things get really ironed out.

How much does it weigh?

How much does it weigh?

245lbs. full of fuel and ready to ride!

Looks like this.


Yeah, for one, the shock on my '87 CR500, eh, not so great. Not a good place to put a reservoir really as heat becomes even more of an issue.

Regardless, you have to admire the stones it took to come out with something so outside of the box. :busted:

EDIT: So outside the box for the Japanese brands. :thumbsup:


Looks like a husky... lol

My eyes...MY eyes!

My eyes...MY eyes!

:thumbsup: ... maybe I'm a little biased but, the revised 09' honda looks way better. :busted:

:thumbsup: ... maybe I'm a little biased but, the revised 09' honda looks way better. :busted:


Built in seat warmer.

Built in seat warmer.


I think it looks quite interesting ... in a good way.

... but could they have at LEAST made the exhaust can a little longer?? Its a toss up with Kawi as to who can produce a can longer than the rear fender??:busted: (ps... sarcasm ... I know its there for noise reduction, but doesn't mean it looks good by any means ..).

Good on them from trying something new ... or old ... depending on how you look at it.

Should be a good year ... "almost" everybody is now F.I. ... and then there was one (let me guess ... carbs are the best) ....:thumbsup: I am actually interested to see if FI is going to be enough of a selling feature to convert all the big 5 by 2011.

I'd like to ride one. It will be interesting seeing how it corners.

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