FMF identification help

I picked up a used fmf system this week. I wanted the turbine core 2 silencer for the SA, but it also had a pipe with it. I am just wondering how I might identify the pipe. The seller thought it was a sst, but it doesn't have the sst dealywhopper on the pipe.

It is painted black, and it has the fmf tag welded to it. It seems like it is quite a bit heavier than my '06 pipe.

The weight makes me think knarly, but the welded on tag looks like the factory fatty.

Can you 2t brains help me out?

Try a google search for something like "FMF Y34" or whatever numbers are stamped on the pipe. I did that once and was able to match the numbers to a mail order site that listed the fmf pipe numbers.

Thanks, I will look again for #'s. I couldn't see any identifying marks, but they could be hidden under the paint.

My unknown fmf pipe had numbers on the lower exhaust pipe mount. More towards the inside of the pipe. I know it started with a Y- Maybe y34 or somethign like that.

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