No spark

bike has no spark what so ever, tryed to start it and it wouldent so i thought it was either not getting gas or not sparking, pull the plug and plug is soaked in gas, dried it up off my t shirt, put the threading on the frame and there is no spark, even held the electrode and felt nothing.

what should i check first, about 3 months ago some goon roosted me draining all the oil out of the crank case, would that have harmed my stator some how cause there is defanitly no spark, after i put in a new cylinder and piston tho is ran fine so the stator did work like a hour after the rebuild now it dosent

Check the kill switch first. I've had 1 bad magneto on an 08, so they do go bad, but not often. Check all the connectors and make sure they're tight. Personally, I haven't seen a bad coil, but that doesn't mean yours is ok. If you know someone that has another bike like yours, see if they'll let you change some parts before you start spending a ton of money playing parts changer.

I had an 07 with no spark turned out to be a little metal shaving on the pickup next to the stator maybe check that... dont forget to drain oil before pulling case!

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