what could the problem be? re:shock bleed

all of a sudden i cannot service a shock.

i've done this job probably 30 times in the last 6 years but for some reason the last two times i have attempted i have encountered the same fate. one on showa the other on my kyb that i've serviced before.

i cannot bleed the damn thing at all and when i do get the valve into the body there is major vaccume already.

it is extremely hard to just push it down to start the bleed process. when i try to pull up the piston assembly, it sucks back in.

i've put all my weight on it and the piston won't go more than an inch into the body.

i've tried six times tonite alone. ive paid attention to the mx-tech directions, done the same steps i've done before but my results aren't the same this time.

any advice?


You forgot to back the rebound clicker out before you let the pressure off.


:busted: I I remember me doing the same thing once. I used a soft alumium pin to push down the needle.

thanks shockdoc, i did have the rebound all the way in.

i let it all the way out but still had the same damn problem.

i let the shock sit in my vise overnight with oil in the bladder side. this morning plenty of oil had seeped into the body side, i had the compression valve all the way screwed into the body if that matters.

so then i filled up the reservoir side inserted the bladder.

put in the clip

put some air in the bladder

inserted the shaft and i heard air hiss past it a little bit, sweet! i got it, so i thought!

well, i can push the shaft into the body about an inch and it won't go anymore. for crying out loud i can get on the top of my workbench and put all my weight on it and it won't go.

furthermore, when i try to remove it, there is major suction and it is very hard to get out. if i pull it out a half inch and let go, it sucks back into the body.

another symptom i noticed is that when i let air out of the bladder, the bladder sucks into the body as well.

what the hell?

seriously guys, i've done this job ALLOT and am following instructions i have used before, what am i not seeing?


I assume your working on a showa. That needle will stay in the position of fully in even after you back it out. You can try taking a rubber mallet and give it some abuse by hitting it down. That should help seat that needle back to full out. If that doesn't work your going to have to take out the damping unit and like bang said stick something in the end and push it down.

No problem with the baldder sucking back in a little.

actually this one is a KYB.

ok i think i got it.

i had my forks apart at the same time and used the rebound adjuster rod to insert into the tip of the shock shaft and whatever is in there definitly let me push it down towards the rebound adjuster.

havnt re-assembled yet but i feel like that pretty much has to be it.


Thats exactly what it is. I have forgoton a few times and had the same result you did. Just push it back down and blow through it to make sure it is seated.

i love you guys!

shock is good to go.

thanks for the assistance.

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