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Finally bought my CRF450R..

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Hey Everyone,

Been looking for a CRF450R for the longest time FINALLY found the Deal i was lookin for.. so i scooped her up :busted::)

when i picked it up i thought it had some valve noise so i didnt even ride it besides a rip up my street and back but i dropped it off at the dealer today.. getting them checked out and new sprockets and chain..

they tell me these are a real rattlely engine and prone to piston slap due to short piston skirts.. any word on this am i being BSed or?

When you guys do a oil change do you change the filter every time?

I find this machine a pain in the ass to start i searched for like the starting 450s for dumbies lol on here but no such luck some times it fires right up but it seems to me some times i have a hard time gettin it going the guy at the shop said it was totally normal but if someone has any advice one mabey when to try choke when not to when to uses throttle kinda thing i understand the full stroke kick and hard kick bisness but just seems abnormal to me..

Also the biggest 2 things i have so far came up with are my first mods besides a new rad (mine is cracked) and the valves.. (it has kibble whites are those good bad indifferent?) are suspention and exhaust. The dealer I have it at are seemingly pretty knowlageable with the suspention and say anywhere from 750 to 1000 bucks canadian does that seem reasonable..?

The bike seems set up for a small guy right now and im 6'4" and 190LB that is apperently race tech suspention.. all new components..

The exhausts so far I like are the pro curcuit and the mrp (I think it is) any feed back on them and results so far I have only heard them no chances to ride a bike with them... all my buddys ride 2 smokers and one 4 stroke zuk 250 so I need some feed back.

and really yea im pumped to get this baby out on the track and see what the thumper is really like i'm coming off a 125cr didnt plan on moving up till the spring but the deal was right needs some work but couldn't turn the price down.

And basically is there any stuff i should be checking the 2004 450 is prone to having go wrong or i should know about the machine..

I have been tryin to figure out how to post pic's up to show it off but i gave up..

thanks for any help guys

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