GoPro Hero WIDE firmware update & Gorman!!

The long overdue firmware update for the GoPro Hero WIDE is available for download on their website!

What better place to try it out than Gorman! We should go there every weekend and film! Who needs the desert. Spangler is whooped out, Johnson Valley is closing any day now (if they havent already), Cal City is too small, and Kennedy Meadows is WAY overrated.

I havent tried it yet myself, but it is supposed to double the size of the SD card accepted to 4GB (approx 1.5 hrs).

Woohoo! Bet there'll be a few of you excited about that!

blah...2 more months for the standard lens update to be ready!!:busted:

come with us friday morning! that way i won't have to lead! :busted: haha

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