WR 450/250 starter armature interchangeable?

Like the title says - Is the WR 250 and WR 450 starter amature interchangeable? I realize the starter motors themselves are different, but the armatures look similair. (I don't have a 250 to compare to, just looking at the fiche)

Thanks, steve

I don't frequent this section often, or WR/YZ sections on other sites. Can someone point me in the direction of a :busted: "guru" to PM, or to a :thumbsup: "guru" on a different board that my know the answer?

I know the post is only a day old, but it's an unusual question.



bueller ............... bueller

Check part numbers at the TT store OEM section...

unfortunatly the armature isn't sold seperatly. so I'm SOL on # comps. Thank you for the heads up though.

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