Cheapest way to Motard wheels

So whats the cheapest guys, Warp 9 what , this would be a conversion from a 2000 drz400k conventional fork

new or used?

New? Probably Warp 9. But you can get lucky and find used factory SM wheels in the classifieds or eBay for less.

cheapest....... by a set of 17" hoops, spokes, and your stock

hubs, and relace

Any draw backs from using stock hubs?

i cant see any? i mean thats what the sm's use. and they work good offroad on e and s's

Huh, Ill look into that. Hadn't even crossed my mind. Thanks a lot. :busted:

No drawback that I'm aware of. One plus to factory hubs is they are lighter than most, if not all, billet aftermarket hubs.

I have a set of 17" Excel rims, spokes, and tires I am looking to part ways with. Would be perfect for you if you are just trying to lace up your stock hubs....I went the other way; I laced my SM hubs to some dirt wheels.

Let me know if you're interested.

just pm the details. thanks.

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