What else to get?

Hey guys,

Just organising my order from Forrest, probably be a once off so is there anything else I should get before I send it off?

Edge Tail Light Holder Kit/DRZ400SM/S - SMOKED

MOTO LED Flasher Type 602 - SMOKED

Zeta Pivot Brake Lever - DRZ-400SM

Zeta Pivot Clutch Lever - DRZ-400SM

K&N Air Filter - DRZ-400SM

DRZ400 Swing Arm Decals/Red

JDS005 - DRZ-400SM

Fuel air mixture screw/Mikuni/BSR Carb - DRZ-400SM

Passenger peg eliminator kit.

Passenger peg eliminator kit.

Cheers I'll have a lookski

Also... Any Australians grab an MRD? How long did the shipping take? Mine is being shipped tomorrow.

dont buy anything for the mikuni carb. Save your cash and get the FCR

+1 on the Mikuni

If you won't have $600 for the FCR any time soon and can do the jet install yourself, the $65 is worth it for the better throttle response IMO. Just make sure you do the 3x3, etc. If you WILL have the $$ for the FCR soon, just save your money and just wait.

As far as recommendations go on additional items, I guess that would depend on your financial situation. If you got the money and like the bling, Zeta makes a lot of replacement pieces (such as engine plugs, clamps, bleeders, brake clamp, disc protector, stem nut, stem nut cover, oil cover, starter cover, etc.). Feel free to check out my garage if you want as I have most of their stuff minus the carbon fiber.

Anyway....I hope this helps.

Good choices all around.

I also like my Zeta Armor Handguard (bend) + Zeta XC Protector with Flasher. Cleanly integrates the front flashers.

Saving my money, rather than bling, I wanna get some of N2Stakin's avatar! :busted:

lol....I get that a lot. And I kinda agree on the bling. I was trying to make my bike look the way I want it, but the possibilities are endless and I often wonder how much I would have enjoyed cams and an fcr instead. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

Yup Yup :thumbsup:

Don't get me wrong. I like farkles. I like minimal bikes all pared down to performance bits too. Depends on the mood.

It's all good, IMHO! :busted:

Agreed Brakelate.

So Chromo....what are you gonna go with? You started the thread, so I gotta know. Lol

Agreed Brakelate.

So Khromosone....what are you gonna go with? You started the thread, so I gotta know. Lol

Hmmm. You might want a Trail Tech light weight Flywheel to spin up the SM a little faster. Forrest usually has them in stock.

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