10/04 Upland Indian National Enduro

Any Thumpertalkers planning on hitting the Upland Indiana National Enduro on October 4th? Should be a good ride. We have a small group of us going from central Illinois.

I'd like for my 17 year old son to try an Enduro. He's an experienced Harescramble racer but isn't experienced with deep water crossings or timekeeping. Does Upland usually include many river or creek crossings? What must I do to make an MX bike (YZ125) legal for Enduro?

That is a national event so it is a closed course enduro. You won't need lights or a plate to ride that enduro so the bike is ok for use there.

Upland does cross a river a few times and a few creeks but they typically aren't that deep if you cross where they tell you. I'm sure with it being a National this year they will make sure to not drowned anybody out.

As Layton pointed out since it's a national this year you don't need lights or a plate to ride and don't need any timekeeping equipment as it will be start control format.

The Muddobbers do a great job with this enduro and is one of the best enduros in the midwest.

Hey mxrider97 I meant to "post" all of those questions you two were asking me. Like how longs the trail? what about a B or C cutoff? Is it one continous loop or laps? How many riders on a minute? How about it, Any muddobbers m.c. members on here? There ya go mxrider97 think of any more post'em up. You guys had so many questions I could'nt possibaly remember them all!

Not sure if you've seen the flyer so it's at:


I'm not a Muddobber but can try to answer based on years past:

How long: Probably about 75-80 is my guess based on last years event

B/C cutoff: Most nationals have been doing this so again I'm assuming

Continous / loop: Will be continous if run like last year and all previous years

Riders on a minute: I think it's always been 4, maybe 5 being a National this year.

Thanks for the info. What is a "start control format"?

What that means is that when you come to a check you can ride right up to it and wait until your minute comes up and then go. Before the checks were all secrete so if you came to one early you would get penalized.

Once you go through the check there will be another check at the end of the woods section that will check you out. You will be late to that check for sure. The club will simply time how long it took you to ride the section and then add all the section times together to get your final score.

Mostly you are either in a transfer section which is when you are not being timed or you are in a timed section. Pretty easy actually and no real timekeeping is required.

The above is a simple version of the way that enduro will work. Naturally there is more to it but for your first time just go ride and have fun.

That sounds like a lot of fun! My son will really enjoy that format. Thanks again.

Thanks for the info. Should be a good time. Looking forward to the long ride....

The Geneseo enduro in Illinois on September 27 is using the same format.

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