serial number woes...

im trying to find the year of my 95% sure its a 2005...but the tech from RM-ATV/MC wants me to be sure...long story...anyways i have been searching zuki ID codes and mine is much longer and such...Case code is J119-119922 Cyl is 37F4 E-1

also...i have searched the forum and found links but nothing for a 2005 rm250...:busted:

any help is appreciated



Suzuki's frame serial numbers for the RM250's sold in the US are coded as follows:

2001 RM250K1 - s/n - JS1RJ18C 121....

2002 RM250K2 - s/n - JS1RJ18C 221....

2005 RM250K5 - s/n - JS1RJ18C 521....

and so on...

That being said, you stated your cylinder number: "Cyl is 37F4"

The cyl. set part # 11201-37840 carries a manufacturer's note: "Model K5", indicating that is the cylinder for the 2005 RM250K5.

The crankcase part # 11301-37840 also carries the manufacturer's note "Model K5".

Is it possible that your cylinder number's third digit is actually an "8" rather than an "F"?

From the info you've provided, it sounds like you most likely do have an '05 engine.

Good find. :busted:

The interesting part about it is that something isn't quite jiving with the manufacturer's OEM parts id's. Maybe because the part numbers and the part codes stamped into the castings aren't identical by design. :banana:

The first set of numbers I found and posted are straight from the manufacturer's parts catalog (supplied to the authorized dealers). So I went to a different auth. dealer's website and pulled the numbers and they match those from my first post.

"Ref. No.-8-2 Part/Pt.#-CYLINDER SET 11201-37840 (replaces 11200-37890)"

"Ref. No.-1-3 Part/Pt.#-CRANKCASE SET 11301-37841 (replaces 11301-37840)"

One thing I did notice during this second search that I missed last night is the part numbers listed for the crankcase gasket and some various intake parts contain 37F in the part numbers, so even though some of the part numbers and casting numbers don't match up digit for digit, I would feel safe ordering parts for an '05 engine, based on everything we've seen to this point.

KaptainK, if you'd like to check further, the website I pulled the second run of numbers from is

Hopefully, we've been able to provide you with enough info to at least give you a good point to start from so you can dig a little deeper and make sure you are ordering the correct parts. :thumbsup:

thanks for the help so far...the reason i asked was because i ordered a clutch anout 2 weeks ago from RMatv/mc and it was wrong..too thin..2nd mistake they have made in 3 i contacted cust. service and they seem to think its right..i measured tusk clutch and compared it too mine and the tusk clutch was about 1- 1/2 16th's thinner than my existing one..they measured other brands and it matched the tusk stumped...seems like i have tried everything..what am i missing?

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