Ravens Roost ride 8-22-09

Went for a day ride with a friend and my father from Greenwater via Nachees Trail to Ravens Roost and Whistlin' Jacks and back.

Great ride.







Looks like a great day for ride. Thanks for sharing.

Wow what a big orange flag for the Yakima sheriff!! LOL

Back in the late 60s I remember drag racing with a new Bultaco Pursang on the Little Naches road, we timed our runs between the sheriff patrols because even back then they tried to catch dirt bikes riding on the road. My Greeves Challenger got trashed by that 5 speed Pursang, so I bought a new Husky.

In the eighties we would ride from West Nelson Siding Road (Easton) to Whistlin Jacks for lunch and often while eating lunch the local sheriff would cruise in and spend several minutes scrutinizing the yellow RMs trying to figure how he could write a defective equipment ticket. That run neccesitated a short run west on Hwy 410 to get to Whistlin Jacks so we were plated. The run was 110-120 miles depending on which trails were used.

So the Naches saga continues.

Great Pics!! What a perfect sunny day for that ride!

That is a cool spot. Did you do the boulder field part of the jeep trail up to the top? I still need to run that section this year again before it snows. I love the whole area up there.

Great pics, thanks for sharing. Makes me want to do another ride.

This post inspired me to dig out my pictures from this summers rides to Ravens Roost. It is one of my favorite areas to ride. LOVE the views.








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