Surgery and Riding

I'm new here, and this is my first post.

I recently moved up from a 1982 XR200R, to a 2005 CRF450X. I'm 20 years old, about 168 pounds, and 5'6 tall. This bike has LOTS of power and I'm havin a blast riding.

In a few weeks I'm having a cancerous tumor removed from my abdomen. The cut itself is almost a foot and a half long. The doctors say I need at least 3 months before riding again.

I just don't hear about a lot of people who ride, who are in my situation.

Anybody here with or who's had cancer ride?

Anybody here who's had major surgery? Post your stories!

First off, good luck with the surgery! Hope it goes well for you. Anyways, listen to your doctor. It sounds like it'll be pretty major so you'll have lots of internal healing to do.


I ride, my friend does not. But a old friend of mine from high schools' leg started to hurt, went to the doctors, turned out he had cancer in his leg. they amputated his leg, took his ankle and foot and put it on backwards onto his knee so that he could walk again with a titanium leg. I can just imagine the pain.

My best friends dad had diabetes and failing kidneys. Rolled his ankle on the stairs. Broke it. Didn't take care of it. Broke it again. Then he got Gangrene. amputated his leg too! I don't have many details on this story cause my buddy parents split up on Christmas eve. He flew to Colorado to his brothers house instead of staying with his family. I will tell you one thing though Gangrene STINKS! WASH YERSELF! Don't let yourself get infected!

I hope everything with your surgery goes well. Post up some battle wound pics if you'd like. By the way... wheres the cancer at in your body? whats it growing on? Not meant to be rude or anything. Just curious.

Sorry to hear about the cancer, hope it goes well.

Listen to your doctor, dont be a hero and go ride early. It wont benefit you

I hope your surgery goes well! Im going through a similar thing with my skin right now (no tumor, but cancerous moles). Definitely listen to your doctor instead of riding early, like tek 01 said. Im not sure if this counts for major surgery or anything (probably not), but I had to stay off a bike for three months as well when I broke my leg (now have a plate and 8 screws in my fibula, and 2 long screws in my tibia); its hard, but doable. Just use the time to work on your bike, add things youd like, and clean it up.

Congrats on being cancer-free soon!

Yes that last surgery counts as a major one with the addition of hard ware. Listen to your doctor about mandatory rest time and see fi youcan be reevaluated to see if youve healed completely

hey there r rr... sorry about your cancer- thoughts and Prayers for a good surgery outcome and quick healing!

I fractured the top 's' vert and L1- also caused three ruptured discs. been fused from bottom to L3~ healed well. listened to the doctors about the 1wd- but i did get the 4 wheeler out a lot while i was healing-(only flat ground!!)

spent a lot of time shooting vids and taking pics of the riders still riding.. they really appreciated seeing themselves too.

food for thought- get a camera to amuse you while you're healing. do what you're told and if you get bored- send me a pm- i'll keep you company!!

Good Luck & God Speed!!

Thanks for the reply's


Post up some battle wound pics if you'd like. By the way... wheres the cancer at in your body? whats it growing on? Not meant to be rude or anything. Just curious.

It's a tumor behind my liver, anoud 7x2x2 inches. I'm very lucky that the tumor is by itself, and not attacking anything else. I also have a couple cancer spots on my lungs, but doctor says not to worry, as these are small can be removed very easily if need be.

I'll be sure to post some battle wound pics after surgery, (when I feel up to it :busted:)

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