stiffer shock

hello everyone im thinking about buying a stiffer rear shock spring for my 02 klx 110 to put on the stock rear shock absorber as i cant afford a complete replacement shock the stock one is still good just not quite stiff enough for me and i was wondering is it possible to replace the spring on the factory shock and if so how is it done. I havent had the shock off to look at it but i would guess you can do it otherwise why would the sell the spring thanks for any help

if you look on planet minis, you can find some used shocks on there for secent prices.. or the Kitaco privateer shock from classic honda performance isn't that bad either. it would be better than just a spring for just a little more coin

Problem with adding a stiffer spring is the rebound or lack of one. I would suggest saving your money for a fox air shock under $200 for new to your door.

Red barron has springs. Its a bitch to swap out.

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