Cleaning air filter when commuting

G'day all

I'm sure this has been covered a million times before, so I appreciate your time and patience. I use my DRZ (E) to get to work every day and I'm wondering how often I should clean the air filter. I've been doing the oil at 1000km, and whenever I have taken the bike off road I have cleaned the air filter immediately. However, since last cleaning the air filter (300km ago) I haven't been off road (all bitumen) and whenever I check the "state" of the air filter it looks as clean as when I last put it in. Should I clean it anyway, or if it looks clean and hasn't been off road can I stretch out the intervals (I'm trying to walk that fine line between maintaining the bike properly and being paranoid :busted: )

Anyway, thanks for your time


if you ride on the road its not going to need cleaning as often , you can stretch it out to some extent . just monitor it and go from there .

have a spare filter ... that way you can fit the spare when its time and just clean the dirty one after. have a look at the unifilter pro comp 2 , its dual stage and keeps the fine dirt out .

drain your float bowl after you ride dusty conditions as dust can migrate up the vent tubes .

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