02 YZ426 high idle after small fall


Was riding my 02 426F in the woods and in a really hard uphill section I've "leaned" the bike to side a couple of times, nothing big, just getting out of grip and dropping the bike. Anyway, we kept riding and I've noticed that when I'm in gear riding at let's say 1/2 throttle and pull the clutch, the rev doesn't drop to idle. But if I use the brakes to lower the rpms and then pull the clutch it stays there, nice low. Any ideas? Could I broke something in the carb? Or did it sough up some dirt from the tank/carb?

You're describing a "hanging idle", which is usually because of a lean condition.

  • Loose fit/air leak at the carb mounting sleeve
  • lean idle mix
  • hot start not seating
  • tight intake valves

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