Jason Lawrence sentenced to 1 year in jail


From transworld mx...."Former Western Region 250cc Supercross Champion Jason Lawrence was booked and arrested today on charges related to his assault of his friend Ryan McGriddle last summer. Details about the length of Lawrence’s sentence are unknown, but TWMX is currently awaiting a return call from Lawrence’s manager, Scott Sepkovic.

Stay tuned for more details".


Jason Lawrence- A Year in Jail!

Posted on 09 September 2009

Wow, I guess we knew it was coming. I suppose I wouldn't have shown up at Steel City either if I had this to face.

Along with 363 days (2 for time served already) he also gets three years probation for assault with a deadly weapon. Ironically, the guy he assaulted is his buddy and spoke up for him at the court proceedings today. With Jason's priors, it seems that everything has caught up to him.


he's an amazingly talented rider....why can't he just chill out when out of the track?!?!

I wonder what's going to happen to his team. It doesn't look too good for Wey and Anstie.

JLaw is just misunderstood

what a d-bag why would and how could you do something like that when you have such a good future. That jackass. If I had the opportunity to be part of a professional race team, a career, I would probably be a little more mature. jerk.

you know people like that never had their butt whiped when they where growing up spoiled brat most likely. he needs taking out behind the barn and shown just how tough he really is.

Endless new opportunities for his helmet/race pants slogans......

Where's his mom and dad in all the years of bad news on him??

what a dumb ass he builds a team hires riders and then screws his life up,but now he has screwed weys career to.to be realistic wey should have passed on that ride. j law is a waste of talent and time.:busted:

He'll go from riding a Yahama to a big guy named bubba.

Also, think of how much street cred he'll get out of this!!

Maybe he can share a cell with Mike Healey:bonk: :busted:

Maybe he can share a cell with Mike Healey:bonk: :busted:

The purse snatcher and the buddy beater:lol: :thumbsup::banana: :banana: :banana: Personal relations are obviously not JLaw's strong point, riding a dirt bike is. Poor dumb asses.

Suck on it, J-law! Both literally and figuratively.

Maybe this is what he needs....

Having everything handed to him has just come to an abrupt halt and Reality isn't going anywhere for 362 days...

Where's his mom and dad in all the years of bad news on him??

Better question might be, "where were his mom and/or dad when he was growing up?" Obviously, they have failed him as parents and didn't instill the discipline or common sense to be a successful, respectable person. I love the karma that's coming around to smack him in the face but it is his parents I feel sorry for. The sacrifice they had to have made bringing him up as a motocross rider will probably never be repaid and what do they get out of it? Shame! I know it's been said here, but what a waste of talent. You have thousands of kids and their parents that have made the same sacrifices but just don't have the talent to make it big.

That said, I hope there's a "True Hollywood Story" type expose on Speed someday.

Guess we won't have a thread to wonder why JLaw didn't start/finish at Anaheim I!

I bet his dad never called him Son/sun cause he ain't that bright. I hope for his sake he's more focused when he gets out!

you know people like that never had their butt whiped when they where growing up spoiled brat most likely. he needs taking out behind the barn and shown just how tough he really is.

Or maybe he was beaten regularly. No one will probably ever know.

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