2001 dr650

My buddy moved to LA and gave me his 650 "didn't want to ride in LA traffic" I'm 6'4 and 210 lbs and the bike is a little short for me, Its never been lowered. So I'm wondering if I can get move travel between the back tire and the rear fender, you know make the bike taller.

Lowered pegs, taller seat and taller bars.

Kinda hoping to add travel with a longer spring and shock, If this is possible

What you need to do is install a heavier rear spring. Contact Jesse at kientech, and give him your weight and riding habits. He'll fix you up. The stock spring was probably too soft for your weight, when new, and has lost some strength over the last 8 years. Then set the sag correctly, and if the bike is still a bit cramped, go for the lowered footpegs.


I have combated LA traffic on an 01 DR oddly enough, and its truthfully no picnic. (but lane splitting is nice) :busted: Definitely get an Eibach spring through Jesse. I'm running an 8.1 rear and .50 fronts from Jesse, makes a WORLD of difference in handling plus the added ground clearance and height you want.


Thanks guys, this is what I was hoping for. Anyone know the cost so I'm prepared before I call.

I through on Procycle's 7.5 rear spring along with 10w shock oil,155 charge of nit and 10mm of pre load.Now I have to tip toe it and I am 6'.

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