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'05 vs '06 - servicing, reliability, common faults

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Hi All

Sorry if this has already been covered, I used search, but might not have used the right keywords

I am thinking of selling my '93 DR 350 for a new bike. All my mates ride orange and blue so I want a yellow and because they're all 450's that means I have to get a 450 as well!

My budget allows for either a 05 or 06. And I would like to know the differences between them. As I am just a rec trail rider I'm not concerned about subtle differences in power or handling as i don't have the skill to max out this machine anyway.

What I do want to know is the differences in

- ease of access to air box

- differences in adjusting valves

-timing chain (is 06 manual like the 05?)

-Need to split cases or not


Because some of you have owned these bikes for 3 or more and 4 years what has the long term reliability been like.

- has the 05 got an inherent fault that the 06 doesnt or vise versa.

- In my opinion an inherent fault would be along the lines of the cases splitting in the '08 (if I have my facts right)


plus any other differences that should sway me between the 2 years.




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I have an 05 set up for offroad and an 06 set up for motocross. They are nearly identical in every way. Both have the smallest most difficult airbox I've ever seen on a dirt bike. Reliability is excellent, except that you might have problems with the bottom end of the crank rod (both of mine went out at ~50 hours, diagnose by lots of steel shavings in the oil filter, but I push my bikes HARD). Valve adjustment is identical and rare - 05 has 200 hours with lots of racing and I have adjusted 2 of the valves one time, 06 has 100 hours and I adjusted the exhaust valves when I put Hotcams in (slightly different clearances than stock).

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