Anyone Paint Their Inner Cases On Their Motor?

I want to paint my inner cases on my bike a wrinkle black color. I have the paint removed on my side cases and will leave them like that as paint would essentially wear of those in no time.

Anyhow I wont paint the jug, but I was wondering if you think the paint would hold up well or not? It is a high temp motor wrinkle flat black finish, I dont think it is an area that will chip as I will have a skidplate etc. I plan on doing it over the winter for next year so the parts will have plenty of time to cure. Anyhow let me know what you think :busted:

anyone think its a good idea ? bad idea? I think it will really clean it up.

If I were going to put any finish on it, it would most likely be powder coating. I like them bare though.

I was thinkning about powdercoating them but I think it wouldn't be worth it being its in an area where there is noting to chip it etc.

i have my motor painted all black. 3rd year now. A friend did it that owns a paint shop. It took for the first year or so, but the second really started to peel when pressurewashing the bike. But easy to keep up with a small brush.

clutch cover wears just like the stock paint. powder coat would be best there but still wear

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