Does A 650S Cush Drive Rear fit a 400E??

hiya all

Looking for advice on the fitment of a 650S 17 inch rear cush drive wheel on a 400E

is this a straight up fitment or is there offset or swingwarm differences? and is rear axle still a 20mm?

take care peeps


Don't know if it will fit an E but it will fit an SM. My understanding is that the SM wheel will fit an E so it will probably fit, but it is a 5" wheel instead of the 4 1/2 found on the SM. It is a 20mm so you can use the E axle.

Even though the 650 fits my SM, with a 160-60 tire it would benefit if it was more offset to move it away from the chain. Fits fine with a 150-60.


cheers for the feedback tony:thumbsup:

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