Cam Chain Timing KLX 650 1993

does the keyways stay horizonal on the cams with the flywheel on Top dead center:banghead:

found the marks on the Flywheel ,

does anyone have some good Pictures, so i can get this back in time,


Yeah the Exhaust cam has a mark next to the EX letters which sit at 9 o'clock (horizontal to the flat surface of the head - the Inlet cam has a mark next to the IN lettering which sit at 3 o'clock (horizontal to the flat surface of the head).. you should count 31 pins between those marks. There should be a mark next to the T lettering on the flywheel which should sit inline with the notch cut out of the thread which the plastic plug screwed out of.

Maybe not explained too well but when all three are aligned like that and theres 31 pins between the two marks on the cam sprockets then you should be good to go. Torque the cam cap down, insert the spring tensioner and the cam chain tensioner, rotate the crank two times anti-clockwise and hopefully it's ok, recheck your timing.

Thank You very much,

i did find a PDF file on yahoo, you were on the Money

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