best replacement bearings?

I am looking to replace the bearings on my swingarm, shock linkage etc...saw the pivotworks kits did a search and not much info came up. It's for a 08 honda, should I stick with oem or are the aftermarket kit equal quality? thanks for any insight

I've always had good luck with the Pivot Works stuff. Nothing is going to last very long if you don't clean and regrease on a regular basis.

Ive used both Pivot Works stuff and All Balls. Oem is the best, I went the cheap route couple years back with ALL BALLS and will never again. The plated bronze crap they include in their kits is total junk! Half the spacers and races were cracked/broke a year later upon dissasembly to regrease. I actually ended up having to replace a few pieces with the old oem junk that was removed a year earlier. ALL BALLS RACING stuff is cheap crap....... Pivot works i would recommend.

Just don't buy any bearings made in China.

I have had great luck with All Balls Racing Products.

I just go to my local bearing shop, bring the bearings that I need replaced and they get them for me. It's cheaper than getting OEM bearings and they are higher quality than the OEM ones. Just always remember to grease your bearings.

I've used plenty of all-ballz in the past (and no name, made who knows where bearings...) Can't say they lasted a real long time. They usually last good where I do most of my riding, which is pretty easy on the bike...lots of sand based trails through the pine trees.

Almost guaranteed that after a trip to another relatively close area, which is rocky, bumpy and hilly, I have to change those bearings when I get back.

Other people I have talked to have said the all-ballz wear quickly, and that the Enduro engineering kits are real good, especially since they come with quality spacers. Haven't tried the EE yet, but they will be my next order once I use up the cheap spares I have. I've been impressed with the other products I have used from EE.

edit: - Above post mentions a good point.... make sure add grease to those bearings before installing.... it's scary how little there usually is from the factory.

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