Pro X Keihin jets?

Has anyone had any experience with the Pro X Keihin jets sold by RockyMountainATVMC? I'm looking at getting an assortment to have on hand. The price seems to be fair and you can buy them individually. I'm not to sure what could be wrong with them, but I thought I'd ask before I made a purchase. Thanks in advance for any replies.

if they are genuine keihin jets,no problem.

other wise dont bother.

What's the problem with the aftermarket keihin jets? If appears the ones I was looking at were after market. Other than purchasing the oem jets, individually,for my 2007 yz 250, do you have any other suggestions? It appears through the TT store you have to buy a set of (4) or (5). I have no need for 4 or 5 of the same jet.

they are not made as accurately.

what jets are you looking for?

I was looking for pilots and mains for my 2007 yz 250. I decided to pick the individual ones I wanted from the OEM parts availiable and ordered them last night from the TT store. It seemed like my best option I hope I made a good decision.

Oh I forgot to mention, last night when i was removing the needle to identify which one it was I dropped it on my concrete floor, directly on the tip. Now there is a very small burr on the end. Other than that it appears fine. I may be able to take some 220 sand paper to it to smooth out the burr. Is there a chance I could still use it? I'm not exactly sure what function the tip of the need services.

Carefully remove the burr, it will be fine.

Thanks I'll give it a try. If it doesn't work I have a different needle on order which should be good.

I thought these Pro X jets were ok?

Let me know because I'm ordering jets today.


Why mess with aftermarket? Buy proper jets from acceleration kart racing. No min, individual jets, fast service, good prices.

Well, I am anal about not using genuine jets.

I've had a guy do that to me before and it didn't run right in all the ranges.

Mix-matched pilot and main....

However, I had heard the Pro X stuff was good/accurate.

And being that I was ordering from RMATV and all they have is Pro X...

Well, I am being enticed to try them.

Not that it is something I would normally do.

The jets I wanted to pick up for keihin are $39.90 shipped for 5 jets (2 pilot / 3 main) from JetsRus.

Only $13.14 for the sizes in Pro X if I get them with my RMATV order.

I checked the kart place and they are a little cheaper than JetsRus... $32.57

So anyways, I thought it would be a nice little savings if Pro X was good.

But I wanted to ask and make sure they are not junk I'd be wasting money on.

Not to drag up an old thread, but I just twisted a main jet off in my KTM. I was using a T handle with a socket, only turning it in with the shaft, not the T. I twisted it clean off before I new it - GREAT! I got my small easy out and the broken piece was so loose in there that I backed it out with my fingers. Don't know if I just ate some spinach, or if they are sub par materials. But, at $2.50, I'm throwing another one on my next order and will give it another try.

Old thread, but the Pro X jets I received from RockyMountain the other day were in packages that said "Made in Japan".

The Yaponese usually have highly respectable manufacturing practices, from my experience with all types of Yaponese made goods.

In fact, factory workers in Japan tend to have more pride in what they produce and market, when compared to what I have seen from unionized American workers. :smirk:

The Pro X jets also appear to have better quality machining/surface finishing when comparing them visually to the "OEM" Keihin jets I picked up at the Honda dealer last week.

As far as I know, they may come right out of the same factory??? ... Wouldn't be the first time such a thing has happened.

I'm not saying one is better than the other, as far as function goes, but the Pro X jets do not seem to be poorly made jets from a malaria-infested 3rd world jungle country.

I haven't put micrometers or laser measuring devices on them, but to the naked eye they look like VERY well made jets.

But then again, you could take a dog turd and stamp "Made in Japan" on it ... but people whom have actually installed and used 'em haven't had any complaints.

its quit possible the prox jets are made in the same facility that makes keihin. prox rods are made in japan, most likely at the same facility that makes oem stuff. someone needs to measure the orifice on the prox jets, until then its pure speculation whether theyre junk or not. ive also got some prox jets but havent needed to use them yet. they look as good as the kiehin, but i havent measured the orifices however.

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