Anyone Paint Their Inner Cases On Their Motor?

I want to paint my inner cases on my bike a wrinkle black color. I have the paint removed on my side cases and will leave them like that as paint would essentially wear of those in no time.

Anyhow I wont paint the jug, but I was wondering if you think the paint would hold up well or not? It is a high temp motor wrinkle flat black finish, I dont think it is an area that will chip as I will have a skidplate etc. I plan on doing it over the winter for next year so the parts will have plenty of time to cure. Anyhow let me know what you think

Yep, will be no prob. The inside of the cases are always cooled by oil so they shouldn't get anywhere near 300*F. Be more interested in the chemical resistant paint rather than the'll spill gas and oil on it and you don't want it to fall/flake off.

The oil is cooled via heat transfer to the case and then to air; paint is an insulator and will reduce heat transfer. There are some ceramic coating that improve heat transfer.

media blast, clean and best for heat transfer.

Gas and "normal" spray paint (even the crinkle kind) are not good friends!

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