Just got a '04 CRF150F for my son

I've been following this forum for a while, knowing that I'd be getting a CRF150F for my son pretty soon.

Monday was the day. My son and I drove up to the other side of Atlanta to meet a guy selling his wife's 2004 CRF150F on Craigslist. 30 minutes later we were strapping it to the trailer and my son was grinning from ear to ear!

A hour later it was home, and together we did a little cleaning, a little checking, a little bit of tuning, fixed the kill switch, and then my son took it out for his maiden ride! He was as excited as a 12-year old boy could be on his nice "new" bike.

It took longer than we expected to save up for it (a few financial setbacks along the way) so it's a big step up from his old Honda Z50. On the drive home we talked about a clutch, what it was, how it worked, how to use it...... and by the time later that afternoon when he rode it for the first time, it didn't take him more than a minute or two to get comfortable with the clutch. :busted:

Will post some pictures shortly!

congrats on the new toy.. I bet dad rides it some too...

congrats on the new toy.. I bet dad rides it some too...

Thanks! :thumbsup:

Ah yes! I did the test ride before we bought it, and test rode it at home in the backyard. Great fun! :banana: Great bike. :busted: But as soon as he got on it.... well, that was the last time I got to ride it :banana:

Plus my son get's a big kick out of the fact that his CRF150F (2004) is newer than my XR250R (2003).... not just in age but in style with the higher pointing exhaust and the higher pointing tail fender and the cooler tank, etc!

I have a 2006 crf150f and it is far the most realiable and funnest bikes I ever owned. Also I will be getting a 250 two stroke because I have out grow my crf150f. By the way congrats about your son.

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