'03 WR450 CDI ignition coil voltage

A few days ago my bike died. At first I thought I had a batch of bad fuel, but eventually found that there was no spark.

I've gone thru the ignition test procedure in service manual and everything measures withing spec, indicating a bad CDI. I've triple checked for loose connections, confirmed that the CDI is recieiving 12 volts and has continuity to ground. No change if stop switch, neutral swith, or TPS are disconnected.

One piece of information I am missing is the CDI voltage to the ignition coil. With the main switch on, I measure approx 5.2 volts to the primary side of the ignition coil. When I crank the engine this drops to approx 5.1 volts. I am using a digital multimeter to measure this, and realize it is the wrong tool to indicate if the voltage is switching on/off like it should.

My question: should the primary coil see 12 volts with the main switch on? Is this spec published somewhere? Could somebody pull the connector off their ignition coil and measure their voltage for me? Really appreciate the help, thanks.

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