New guy here, what year to get, I have searched.


This is my first post here. I am looking to get into dirt bikes. I pretty much know I want a YZ 250 but not sure what year to get.

I want to try to keep the price around 2k.

What things should I look for when going to look at one and what to ask.

Hope this is the right area to post this, and thanks for any help.


I am not getting in mx, just want to ride in the hills and dunes. I live in SLC, Utah, and will be riding at 5 mile pas, up AF canyon, and near the "B" in Bountiful, if that helps any.

Should be able to get a nice 02'-04' for that price easily. Finding and 05' up for that range you will be lucky but is not impossible. There are plenty of clean 2t's here (I am not sure in your market though). I think common sense is one of the most valuable tools to use when buying a bike. I picked up my 02' for $1900 about a 18 months, ago it was very lightly used, stock graphics still intact, minimal scratches, no dings in the pipe, etc. It has not disappointed me yet. It has about 20 or so offroad races on it and many trail rides with zero problems:thumbsup:

Ask how often they change the tranny oil, clean the air filter. How old is the top end. Has the suspension been professionally tuned and when. Have the bearings (swingarm, linkage, wheels, steering stem) ever been replaced and when. You need to consider needing to replace tires, chain, sprockets, bearings etc in your purchase decision. If you have a choice between two or more, take the one that has had the best maintenance or has the most extra stuff and then fix everything else your self.

There was an '05 on KSL for $2350. It was set up with big tank and a few other goodies. I think that bike would be worth looking into.

The '05 pretty much gets you a current bike minus the SSS fork.

Unless you are hellbent on an AL frame which might be hard to find on that budget. I'd snag an '02 or newer, plastics changed in '02 and still the same till '09. '05 had a new frontend and I think '06 and new ahd even better susp up front. Feel free to correct me anyone lol!

Not sure I am hell bent on the AL frame, but that one on for 2350 is not bad.

I wish I were ready to buy now, but as it is, I am just looking and researching. I hope to get one over the winter or early spring.

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